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Could some recommend a web site to order a FM Transmitter and be able to receive it in a reliable time frame.?

I ordered a CZE-05B about 5 weeks ago from Amazon and still haven't received it.

I don't know if the order is lost or what.

I need a backup plan for Christmas.



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When you ordered the item did it say it was fulfilled by someone in china? Several items I have ordered took weeks to arrive. They came standard hong kong post from china. It was slllloooowwwwww.

If you are in a hurry, order another one but make sure it comes from USA stock. When I ordered my czh 05b it only took 2 days. So there are other sellers. Then return the first one or keep a spare if you can afford to.

Spares are good.

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Lynn, I would double check with Amazon.  I am not sure they can even legally sell you that one?  I use it personally, and had to buy it direct from China. As with most FM trasmitters, it is way over the 1W limit, so US companies can't sell it.


FYI, the CZE-05B is a GREAT transmitter.  I have used it for 4 years with NO issues at all....




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There are dozens of Amazon retailers selling those transmitters. No reason to buy from someone who doesn't have them in stock for immediate shipping.

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I still haven't received the CZH-05B from China. The order was placed over 6 weeks ago.

When & if it shows up, the transmitter will be my spare. It was ordered thru Amazon.


I went ahead and ordered another CZH-05B from F-S Electronics out of Indiana. Also thru Amazon.

It took about a week to receive it. Now that's good service......

The transmitter cost a little more but at least the company mailed it the very next day.

The front label shows it's a Rangestar and I assume that's a CZH-05B.

I've only had it a couple of days but it seems to work very good.

Thanks for your inputs....










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