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Always happens last minute kids want new songs


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Not sure why they don't listen in May when I tell them it is almost Christmas I need to get everything done. I even have them in the attic getting stuff down in June.


If anyone has sequences for these songs anywhere from 64 channels to 112 that I can work day and night on to fit my display, I would really appreciate it.


Just a insite of my display:


12 super strand mega tree with Red, White & Blue + Green = 48 channels

  4 sections of the 4 color icicles = 16 channels

  2 windows in 4 colors = 8 channles

  4 bushes in 4 colors = 16 channels

  1 small oak tree in 4 colors = 4 channels

  3 channel star on Mega tree = 3 channles


Yes, I am missing one channel, I was using a borrowed controller last year and it had a bad triac and I never added another channel this year, just don't know where to add 1 channel since everything is in 4 colors. I may add a white channel down the middle of my Mega tree not sure.


The songs are all pretty popular so I am optomistic someone will have a few.


Thank you in advance!


Do You Want to Build a Snowman

Let it Go

People are Better than Reindeer

Christmas Lights

Light of Christmas




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The only one I have you want is the Let it go but I've promised not to give it out due to the creative content from holidaysequences.com for my pixel tree within the sequence. I know what you mean though about the last minute requests and especially when we know it takes a lot of time to accomplish a new sequence. I've got grandkids who want the song, Wanna Build a Snowman, but its just too late. At some point we have to draw the line and say no more...but they are kids and they don't understand either. I bought a mashup of Frozen songs from holidaysequences for their CCR tree which I convert into pixel tree commands, then sequenced the rest of the house...so its ready for the little ones...so much for me drawing a line...lol

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I have light of Christmas that Mateo shared here on the forums. I will get it to you when I get back home to computer if nobody has has shared. I think it was 64 channels. If anyone has this with more channels I would very much like a look. Great song!

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i sent you a copy of My Frozen Trilogy.. It has Frozen Heart, Do you wanna build a snowman and Let it go... to 1600 Channels. Please PM me if you do not get it, as the files are large... The song is 8megs and this is a custom build. :)

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Thank you, got both emails WOW what a display you must have. This will be a great challenge thank you again



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kiplorenzo, last year, you shared your frozen trilogy with me, which was a huge hit.  I am trying to add a 16 string pixel tree into the song this year and I misplaced your original file.  I only have the modified file I fit into my layout.  It would be very helpful if you could re-share your trilogy work with me.  Thank you very much.


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