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Sequence Grid Sizing (changed?)


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I'm going to guess that not seeing some of last years sequences is to blame ... but ... I'll ask anyway ..


I'm running SS ver 0.1409.30 and I dont recall the sequence grid being so small.

Case in point. I have 8 North Pole props .. each pole is a single element with 1 simple RGB node (actually its 4 nodes but only 3 channels) each.

The visualization appears as 8 blocks representing the top of each north pole.

But the horizontal grid is 8 tiny little squares roughly half the size each of a mouse pointer.

Even with a 27" monitor .. I need a magnifying glass.


I'm sure, I'm doing something (or not) but I really dont remember this (and other visualzations I have pulled up) being this small and difficult to work with...


I attached a screen shot .. I've been working on the pixel tree so I'm just getting around to other props ..



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Version 0.1409.30? How ancient is that?

Looked about normal to me...

Under the View menu is a selection to change the screen size.

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version 1409.30  wow never seen that on mine before and i got 40 ccr license mine says 3.11.2 version number

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Version is not an issue...

Its the current version with a couple of lines of debugging code Brian put in to track down an issue..

I forgot about it actually ...


If the sizing is right .. the sizing is right ..


Thanks folks ..



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The versions that start with 0 are the versions you can download from my server, it is a way of getting the most recent executable without waiting for the download. But you should consider them alpha versions meaning they have not been tested well.


v0.1409.30 has some stuff in it that helped Bob and I track down a bug, but it also is my more recent code and has changed a lot since release v3.11.2 which is the current S3 release. So it is possible that I could have introduced a bug that is causing what Bob is seeing.


Bob, in your screen shot I see 8 floods, and they map to 8 squares on one sequencing grid row. It doesn't look tiny to me. Am I looking at the wrong thing?


Also, could you email one of the visualizations to me that is causing a tiny sequencing grid? email it to brian@superstarlights.com

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