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I put my Mega Tree up today; it consists of 12 slices of 4 light strands per slice.  In the past, I have always done two colors (12 slices and 4 strands per color).  This year, I thought I would use the second color to make spirals over the regular Mega Tree.  Since I have never done this before, I am planning to do 12 slices for the spiral, but not sure how many strands to use in each slice.  Would four strands per slice be too many to get a good spiral effect?  Just wondering how many strands of lights per slice/channels those of you with spiral tree experience use.  My regular Mega Tree color is blue; the spiral portion will be white.  Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.  If it makes any difference, the tree is 15 feet high and has a 30 foot circumference.


As far as sequencing the spirals, do you just do the typical "spin" of a regular mega tree?

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