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Mega tree on garage door


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Wife: "I'd like one of those Christmas trees on the garage door. You know the trees that go up and down."


Me: " Oh-oh."


I think she's talking about an RGB matrix in the shape of a tree, but it will have to be flexible and sturdy enough to handle repeated movement of the door. I'm scared. :o This is a segmented door, not one of those solid panel types.


Has anyone seen this done? It will either have to be pixels, or the strips will have to be cut and wired to allow for the gaps as the door travels. The I'll have to figure out how to keep the wires from being pinched when the gaps close again. How the heck do I route power/data to it?


Definitely NOT this year. Sounds like a fun project. :unsure:


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I would use Pixels, and attach them closer together than they normally are.  As the garage door opens more space is created at the joints.   You could use 1/2" pvc and nylon string to tie them to each segment of the door. letting the wire between bulbs flex over the joint.    Not sure if there will be enough wire though.


I mounted mine on 3/4" aluminum tubing and hoisted it up over the garage door:


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