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I am using two 8 channel LOR controller this year to play the Christmas music sequences. The musical sequences work perfectly on both controllers through the whole show.

I also set up several animation sequences (all 16 channels running, twinkling, chasing and ALL light on). All the sequences work great, except for the ALL lights on sequence.

When I start the ALL Lights ON sequence both 8 channel controllers light all the channels. However, about two minutes into the sequence, all the lights controlled by UNIT 1 go out. UNIT 2 stays on during the entire sequence. If I restart the sequence, the same thing occurs. It is weird, since all the other animation sequences light all the channels for the full sequence.

Any suggestions, since I want to use the All lights on sequence during the times between the musical sequences (show).

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I have been testing the animation sequence (all channels with lights on) to make sure that it works the way that I want it to. This is where I found that Unit 1 turns the lights on for about a minute, then all 8 channels go out, while Unit 2 channels remian lighted for the entire sequence.

Very puzzling.

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