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Hey all, first post here.


Going to jump in this year, small, and get this party started.  I have a few questions, but I can't find any real discussion in here on this window topic that is nagging at me. 


I am loking at RGB smart lights, first off.  What I don't yet have a grasp on is how to get them to do a 90 turn in the corners.  I get that you cut the strip at the cut mark, but then how do you connect the pieces back together?  Then after that, you have to re-seal it, I assume.  What material would I use for that?




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I used dumb strips instead and just ran them around the corners, using zip-ties to bind them. I did not cut them therefore I didn't have to re-solder or re-seal them. Now the dum strips woni't allow chasing but it isn't the effect I wanted.

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Search Amazon for RGB lights.  In the results you should see the connectors that are used to bridge cuts. They will physically lock onto the cut strip and have wire to the other connector. I have made several light sets for folks to use in various ways. Depending on what you buy, I have run in to a situation where I  had to cut the connectors (the wires are usually 4-6 inches long) and cross-connect the wires. 


If you intend on soldering directly to the strips, get a well regulated soldering iron (variable temperature type) or you will over heat the strips and ruin them. For those that solder directly, my hats off to you. I have been soldering for more that 40 years and I can solder the strips, but I don't like to.  

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