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I was reading another thread and they were talking about creating props. I have arches that all the channels combined are a prop. So I understand his the work.

I have 5 mini trees using 2 channels each for red and green. I have each individual tree as a prop. Should I combine them into one big prop with all the trees and channels to get better results from instant sequence??

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I would suggest you have each mini tree as a fixture and then add the mini tree fixtures to a prop that holds all your mini trees. If you have different groups of mini trees you may want each group to be a prop.


Doing the above may or may not affect how the mini trees get mapped to the sequencing grid. If they get mapped to the sequencing grid differently then instant sequence will treat them a little differently. In general you want similar fixtures on the same sequencing row. When you put fixtures all in one prop then SuperStar will attempt to place all the fixtures in that prop on the same sequencing row.

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