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When downloading a sequence from someone...


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Hi everyone.  Earlier this year I purchased the products and set about sequencing songs.  I thought I would have a nervous breakdown until I realized that kind, kind, oh so very kind people are willing to share their sequences.  Now that I know I will have enough songs for a show - and a potential melt down is avoided - I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you can help me with. 


I download a sequence to my laptop

Double click on the sequence to get it to open in LOR

Ignore the background alert

Set the media source to the song I purchased which is already on my laptop

And save it to my laptop

Hit play and.... The sequence always seems to start a second or so after the music has started. 


  1. Am I doing something wrong when I download/import these sequences?
  2. Is there a way that I can delete the first few 'columns' (think Excel) instead of using my current method - which is to select the section where the songs starts, hit shift, and scroll all the way to the right (which seems to take f o r e v e r) hit ctrl x  and go back to the first cell where I want the sequence to start and hit ctrl v. 



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In the SE go to edit menu and ckick on skew track.  You can move the sequence to the left or right to line up with your music. 

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Sometimes people edit out the "lead" part of a song, especially if it is very quiet. Perhaps they did that and then sequenced to their edited version which is why the sequence doesn't line up with your audio file. As is always recommended in the forum, you should make sure your purchased audio file is CBR (constant bit rate, usually 128 kbps). Many people use Audacity (free) to edit audio and create the CBR version of the file.

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