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so im reading up on the ccr,ccb and ccp . I see the smart and dumb. am I correct in seeing that the smart ones are daisy chained into the normal, light o rama controllers and the dumb ones require separate controllers and network. now I guess the main question is, can these smart ones be sequenced using the regular sequences we use day in and day out. for example I have a couple sequences  I have purchased from light o rama. if I were to replace my normal leds with these ccr and ccp, would it still work correctly 

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Here is some information on the differences between LOR Smart and Dumb devices. (That article will probably expand in 2015.)


The key thing to note is that CCR/CCP/CCB devices come with their own controller and power supply. If you purchase a CCR/CCP/CCB, you would get the CCR/CCP/CCB, a power supply and a controller. In the case of CCP/CCB, the power supply and controller are inside a single enclosure.


The sequences that you (or anyone) purchase from LOR would not work with these devices. The limitation isn't a technical one, you could in fact run the LOR Sequences with 3 CCR's attached. However, the CCR/CCP/CCB are 50 pixels in length which is 150 channels. Given that 150 is greater than 48, only some of the pixels on the devices would work.  


All LOR devices work together. You could daisy chain the CCR/CCP/CCB devices into the same network as your other 16 channel controllers.

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So Don how do I get  my CCB to work in my show? if they wont work with LOR sequences that I purchased .


Please take a moment to re-read what I posted. The limitation with sequences purchased from LOR and using your CCB's is not a technical one. It's the fact that a string of CCB's is 150 channels, or 50 pixels, whereas the programming from LOR is 16, 32 or 48 channels. (Unless they've gone to 64, I haven't looked.)


To use the CCB's in your sequences, you would simply need to open the sequences you purchased, add a CCD device, and being your programming.


If you purchased 'ready to go' sequences from LOR, then you will need to create a new sequence with the CCB's, and then add the ready to go sequence as a sub-sequence.


See the video tutorials for more. Also, look at the LOR Help file www.lightorama.com/help and search for "subsequence" and "Add Device"

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