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Well I am a newbie to RGB after having a complete lack of common sense and ordered  A RGB mega tree kit the last week in September. I have it all put together and wired up now I am ready to configure the controller and test. Does anybody have a step by step set of directions or a good Video? What program will I need to do this ? I am running my show on LOR advance and have a big mixture of LED and Incon's running off of 7- !6 channel controllers. I have the sequences for the RGB strips thanks to friends. I have been using LOR for 5 years and hope I haven't got in over my head.


This is what I purchased:

1- Pixlite 16 Controller

2 12 volt power supplies

12 - Smart RGB strips 30 Leds/m 10 Pixel/m



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Hopefully someone here already knows how your particular controller will work. I know enough to be dangerous using a JoshuaSystems ECG-P12S/X card myself. It appears you have 16 individual outputs or hopefullly, universes. Once you have established communication with the onboard firmware, via whatever instructions they provided to you with the browser, I'm sure you'll have to tell the firmware which exact strip models you are connecting to each connector, such as WS2811's for example. Power supply connections of course to make it come to life before using the browser to talk to it. Once you have your configuration into it, you'll need to use LOR's Sequence Editor, Edit pulldown, Preferences, Network Preferences, DMX...then tell it which adapter you are using, IP address, port# and universe.  Once those things are in there, save your sequence and exit the SE. Then relaunch SE. You still will not be able to see addressing commands or lights come on till you launch the LOR control panel AND have your USB/RS485 adpater plugged in since you are also running AC channels. Obviously the "Control Lights" has to be turned on in the vew pulldown.


Your largest challlenge will be to connect to the controller first and configure it. Again, hope someone in here is using that same controller as they can assit you much better. 

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