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Need Help for Custom Sequence


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What's going on fellow LOR people!!


So this is my first major LOR display. I purchased 17 CCR's, 32 RGB Dumb Ribbons, and 8 RGB Dumb Flood lights for my kids. This is my first Christmas I'll be home with my kids in a while (military). So I thought I would this for them.

I've posted previously about getting the controllers weatherproofed. I've just about got all that done (OMG) and ready to start hanging the lights.


So now I am hoping to find someone that is willing help me out by doing a custom song to my light setup (visualization). That way I know what my house and its lights are capable of doing. Consider it like a push in getting my creative juices going. They would have to be knowledgeable about CCR's so I can see the real potential of everything. I've worked with Brian from LOR and has helped a lot. I know he's a really busy person right now.


Is there anyone that can help or point me to the right direction for it? The seasons are coming and I need to start sequencing some songs soon!! Thanks and good luck to everyone with getting things setup!!

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