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Cheap extension cords


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Zipcord is great if you aren't familiar with it. Cut to length extension cords. Christmaslightshow.com is where I get mine usually. I picked up 2,000 ft of it today at local home depot(more expensive but convenient) The spt2 18ga is rated at 10 amps I believe. I have several miles of this in my display. Works great

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When i first started gathering parts i did the math and it was better to just buy regular three pin cords from the store. BUT with spt1 on sale its better to make your cords, you can build a 25' cord for $3.50.

Spt1 is $109 per 1000' roll at hitechlights

And vampire ends are $50 per 100 at home depot . Com


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Menard's always has Green/White/Brown 6' cords for $.88 between Halloween & Thanksgiving.  Get there early.  These have been perfect length for my Mega.

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Depends on length and amperage you need to carry.  Putting out SPT1 for a few weeks a year and it will last a long time if stored nicely.  Personally I bought SPT2 because it's a bit thicker in insulation and more intended for exposure.


However, anytime I find a good deal on an extension cord (like the $9,99 walmart ones) I snag it and put it in the stash.


Reminds me I need to run one from the back porch outlets up the soffits and around front so I have another source for 15 amps if I need it..

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