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Comm Error in Sequence Editor


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I can open the hardware utility and after scanning, it finds the controllers and I can test them (but I can to rescan every time I open it).

If I go into the sequence editor, there's a red box in the lower right corner that says "comm port error", and it won't light anything.

The settings are all right, I don't understand.


I noticed by USB/Comm driver is FTDI (does that make a difference?). I recently installed Madrix to run in tandem with LOR and the USB/DMX driver is FTDI.


Should I reinstall LOR?


Didn't know I was blowing it up.



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Ah Ha!!!! I fixed it!!!

So anyone who runs into problems running Madrix and LOR on the same box = this is the problem:

Madrix will take over the LOR USB device even when it's not running. You have to do in and disable the device in Madrix and then LOR will be happy again.


Darn computers...... if I'm not running the program, it shouldn't be running!!!!



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