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Newbie looking for 48 channel sequences


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Hey everyone.. I think I bit off more then I can chew..I looked into lor last year after purchasing a mr christmas lights and sound and using that for 2013... Now I have 48 channels of pure heaven..have all the lights and software and starting sequencing and then BAMMMMM!!!!! This takes forever....I just dont have the time to sit and program 4 or 5 songs this year, due to my work schedule..I drive a truck for a living..I'm sure most of you agree that it takes a lot of time to sequence and get it right.. I have bought a few from wow and they are awesome.. I have  a 16 channel mega tree, 2 arches, 10 mini trees and 2 light towers and an arch fan..15 strobes and then house lights..I will definitely start early next year doing my own sequencing..I have seen people on here sharing there sequences and I have asked for a few but with only one reply..thanks to that person for responding..I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share this year with me some of there sequences..I have done spent my christmas light budget for this year...Thank you in advance.. Tim...  burge720@gmail.com

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