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Hi there, I am new to the LOR world. I've always liked to have lots, and lots of lights up at Christmas time, and the last couple of years I was using a Mr. Christmas controller. But,  A friend has been trying to talk me into lor for a couple of years now, and got me the starter package. So now I have spent countless nights staying up to all hours, trying to sequence songs, and i modified a few of the ones from the free lists. Never thought trying to pick songs would be so difficult, you always seem to find that one more song that would be good. I now  see why people consider this an addiction, not a hobby. To start with most of my lights are C9's with a few leds, but no more than a string and a half of C9's per channel. slowly replacing them with leds,( starts as replacing but ends up adding to the existing lights) And i know the neighbours will be happy not having to listen to the Mr. Christmas speaker anymore, i have an FM transmitter as well. Well enough about me i need to get back to sequencing, hoping to start setting up at the beginning of November, and still have lots to do :)

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From me too, welcome to the madness! Yes, replace lights with LEDs as that'll help a lot with power consumption. Get the better quality ones as a suggestion. Your comment about adding songs...so true! That's why this year I'll be up too 37 or so songs. For me, it was just a matter of insuring anyone driving by here would probably never hear the same song twice. As a suggestion, you need a sign(s) to let people know what frequency to tune too if you don't have it already.

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