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Looking for an inexpensive start.


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I have wanted to create a small display for a couple years, but unfortunately purchasing the equipment new is not at my budget. I am looking for a starter set that someone has outgrown, or does not want to use any longer.


As a retired Navy Hospital Corpsman, on a VA disability, I have plenty of time on my hands to create the display. I am a little leery of attempting to build a system DYI.





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i would start by downloading the software and start playing around with the demo, then keep a close eye ether here at the coffee shop or ebay and catch a used 16ch controller for possibly

under 200. then buy a license for the software, some lights and ALOT of extension cords and away you go with the basics.  start small in time it will grow. I too am on a fixed income but i went with the starter kit they have here

3 yrs ago and i get 1 controller a year now ( gota change my sig ) plus lights and oh yea did i say extension cords? A Lot of them!!!!!!   lol  anyhow thats what i would do, hope this helps


Dennis Smith


Toledo Ohio

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I don't think you can ever use sequences you make in the demo version of the software. At least that was my experience way back when... maybe that has changed.


It is possible to use the sequences created in the demo version of the software in your paid version of the software.


One thing to note. If you create a sequence with the demo software and you ever want to copy/paste from that sequence, make sure you register the computer you created the computer on, and open the sequence and re-save it. Otherwise, the sequence will be encrypted, and you will not be able to copy from the sequence.

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Welcome to the addiction, and the gang in the PacNW.


Now is not a great time, but if you peruse the forums, folks sell controllers at a discount all the time. Also I suggest getting to know some of the folks in your area. Most of us have spare controllers that can be lent out as well. We have a solid group in the PacNW, and meet in May in Lacey, WA. There are a lot of guys in OR. I had to Google Maps where Aumsville was as I was not familiar with it, but we have folks in Salem, Forest Grove, and the likes.


Just one more perspective. I would gladly flip you one of my (usually many) spares, but 2014 marks a significant adjustment in my display and just about all of my spares will be used this year.

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I'm up in Newberg, so not too far from you. I'm setting up right now, but would be happy to show you the ropes once I have things up and going. I'll drop you a message later tonight.


Aka. RainyOregonchriStmaS

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I would suggest purchasing a 1000' roll of zip cord and some vampire plugs to make your own extension cords.

It will save you a bunch versus buying individual extension cords. Plus you make them the length you need so it keeps your display tidy and neat looking.


I have a couple used controllers but not sure if the price of shipping would be worth it.


Lastly, welcome aboard. Lots of great folks here.

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I would let my stuff go right now for 10K.

But too many people in the community are waiting to see what I do.

Anywhere I go in town people stop and ask when I will start setting up my house.

It is sad this is my second year doing LOR and people know who I am.

It is ten days into the month and I haven't even started Breast Cancer Awareness, yet...

Saturday, I hope.

Thousands of PINK lights.

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