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CCP Concentric Star Tree Topper


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I've seen a lot of topics about CCR trees with conventional light toppers, such as concentric stars using 6 channels.  I want to try concentric stars using 100 CCPs (10 pixels for star in center, then 20 pixel star, 30 pixel and 40 pixel for outside star).  This would allow me to do some of the same effects, but with color and chases on the star as well as the tree.  


My question - how would I create or map this in visualizer?  I was going to do the star separately as a prop, then import it into my overall scene visualization, but not sure if each concentric star is considered a prop or fixture of its own for programming.  If so, I assume I'd split the CCP into Master/Slave sections, but I haven't seen a video showing much about this, and the process isn't clear (to me at least) from the online info.  A picture of my design is included.  My thought is that CCP strand one will be divided twice (10 pixels, 20 pixels, and 20 pixels), and strand two will be divided once (10 pixels and 40 pixels).


I'm probably diving in too deep for a new guy, but thought I'd ask.  How would you set this up, export it as a prop, then import it into your visualizer.  I'd like to use this single element again in the future, plus I thought it would be easier to set up individually. 




Ed Walker



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My star is 330 pixels using Ray Wu RGB strips for 6 concentric stars, and 30 for the center fill.  My rings are 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 pixels so the 4 smaller rings are each a separate prop, and the 2 larger ones are 2 props each due to the 64 fixture limit.  Mapping the 360 individual pixels was a pain, but it came out very neat.  I can give the details on how I did that if desired,


If you want to see the star, check out:


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