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Larry Johnson

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I am running 3.11.2 Advanced,with 9 controllers. I have put together a backround sequence using various channels from the 9 controllers, listed it in the backround section of the sequence editor.

When I run  the shows the status says it loads the backround, and the shows. It also says it is running the backround and shows, but I see no backround.

Any help would be welcomed



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Talked with LOR help desk, and found out that channels in a background sequence cannot be used in other sequences even when they are off. A channel that is off still sends a command which will confuse the background sequence.

Thanks to the help desk !!

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AWESOME...I think.

I want to use one channel to turn a radio outside on at the beginning then shut off around 10:00.

It has failed each test.


So I would have to remove the channel from the main sequence, then it would work?

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It might, PaulXmas.  It's not necessarily what is causing the problem you're seeing, but it definitely can cause the problem you're seeing.


One thing that might help with situations like this is the LOR Verifier.  One of the things it checks for is channel conflicts like this - even between sequences.  So if your show has two sequences that could possibly play at the same time - for example a Background and a Musical - it will check whether or not the two sequences have any channels in common, and it will warn you if it finds any such conflicts.

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