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Standard lights and shows on same network


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Hi, here is my wished setup.


12 DMX RGB flood lights that are used for lighting up the house, garden with trees. I want these lamps to be on a pause program or static color during specific times.

When show starts I want to activate those flood lights together with the dedicated "christmas/halloween" lamps/leds.

Can this be done?


Or is it possible when a scheduled sequence have ended to leave some lamps on, waiting for next programmed show to start.

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What you do is to put them in a animation sequence to run in the background but during a formal show you can still address them. However, if they aren't commanded during a musical sequence after "x" number of seconds, the animation background will go back to running them. I've not tried this but I supppose you could command them to an intensity of say %1 during any sequence that you don't want them on at all, therefore overriding the animation background sequence.

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