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Incandescent bulb paint

Ralph A

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After two or three years the paint on incandescent bulbs fade, even thought I keep them stored indoors in the off season and they are the last thing I put put during the show.


Is anyone aware of a paint that is close to what is applied at the factory that may restore these?  Seems like a long shot to me.  Tried the colored caps, they don't look so hot.


Thanks for the advice!

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David at Holliday Coro did a video on painting bulbs. Krylon works good, unless you are going to poke it through coro or peg board.  The paint colors the glass well but due to the non porous nature of the glass the paint scrapes off fairly easily.  If the bulbs are pushed through a hole they need to be painted after going through the media.

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Thank you Jerry and Godney! I will check that out.  Appreciate the information, I did not know about that paint.

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