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Putting Icicle lights on modular "frames" or PVC?


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Before I start climbing ladders and stringing multiple strings of iclcles up - I was thinking of how I could simplify the process.


Rather than my usual method (stringing lights to cup hooks spread across window frame, I was thinking it woul dbe easier if I mounted the lights to a piece of PVC- THEN just attached the pre-strung "rob" to the window frame.


Anyone do this or have a better suggestion?

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Holiday Coro has some plastic pieces that screw to the house and 1/2" pvc snaps into. You can also make your own by cutting pvc couples and pre-drilling screw holes. Once up, its a snap to get lights up on the house. Not sure how they will work with regular lights, but with the rgb strips they are great. I plan to zip tie some regular wired lights to some pvc and test to see if that can be done as well. My guess is it will. The pre-made snap in pieces from holiday coro are 49 cents a piece and are much better than a regular pvc coupler. Yes a regular coupler is only about 27 cents, but then you have to cut and drill them. It was worth the extra 22 cents.

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