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Could someone make me a video sequence?


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We are new to LOR and are still learning. We want our Halloween display to start on Oct 1st but we can't seem to load our video into LOR Sequence Editor to make a video sequence that will play on a projector. The original copy is a Mpeg-4 file so I converted that to a WMV file first. I then tried to upload it but it seems to stop when converting in LOR Squence Editor and freezes. I tried to use a AVI file and it does convert onto LOR Sequence Editor fast but when I press play its just showing lines and when the sound comes on those lines become squiggly, which is not my video at all. I'm at my wits ends and want to through something at someone at this point lol...Can someone make this sequence for me please??? I would send you the AVI file (or even my original Mpeg-4 file) and all I need back is the video sequence...and of course I would pay for the trouble.



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The issue was my stupid laptop could not handle the file. I switched to my much older desktop and issue resolved.

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