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Has anyone seen these before and what is the effective range?  http://www.homedepot.com/p/LightShow-10-24-in-White-Projection-Kaleidoscope-Spotlight-35074/205081109


I've been looking for an inexpensive way to create the snow falling effect, and I'm very excited.

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What's the effective range?  If I'm looking to cover the front of my house, do I need two, three; and at what distance should they be?

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They claim 20 feet.

The kaleidoscope white outdoor Christmas project spotlight is your shortcut to creating an instant outdoor light show in your yard this holiday season

For use alone or with other outdoor lighting products for a more extensive display

Projects a turning swirl of dancing lights up to 20 feet

Includes a clear LED light that's bright and energy-efficient

For placement in your yard with a convenient included stake

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I have these and they look great up against the house, I have the red, white and multi, the distance from the house depends on how dense you want the pattern. I could cover the whole house at about 30' but the pattern isn't as nice. I keep mine about 10' since I wanted a more dense pattern, They well well worth the money IMHO.


If you use the red up close (denser pattern) it is great for Halloween, looks like blood splatter on the wall, white looks like snow


I bought mine online at home depot but I saw that Lowes had them in stock the other day when I was there at the same price

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Heck, for $20, buy one and try it out.


From the video, looks like a Star Trek beaming effect. Maybe fade in and out a picture of yourself. (just kidding)


I might get one just to try out.

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