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I think in posting in the right forum here.

Anyway. We are wanting to build a scene this year and was wondering where to start!

I was looking at the diy section and was going to start with two 16pc solder boards. Was wondering if thats where i need to begin.

This year what we have in mind of doing is a small mega tree with one color of lights. And 6 yard arches and maybe 4-5 driveway arches.

We may also put up some icle lights also.

I dont know if someone builds the sequence for me or i have to do that?

Any insite would help alot!!!

Also id be ok with some used controllers and stuff as i have nothing!

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You will need:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • USB485 Adapter
  • A CAT5 cable to connect the hardware to USB485

The solder boards would be a good place to start, but remember that you will need the other items as well.


Sequences: You build them yourself, or look in the "Sequences" section and see who is willing to share sequences. (And yes, you could purchase sequencing services from others, but that's not required.)

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If you plan on doing a show THIS year, I would buy a ready to go package.....this will be my first year but I started getting everything together this time LAST year, and let me tell you it's a hell of a undertaking. Im working on a small halloween show now as a practice run for the big christmas show, and im surprised at how much last minute tweeking there is for a first time show.

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Its really late in the season to get started but you can do it. Personally speaking, rather than the DIY controllers, I'd just buy a pre-built one, two or whatever you need at this point. As Don mentioned, you need the other items too. Sequencing takes the most time. You can get started on that right now, before you even have the controllers. Take a picture of your house and print it out. Draw strings of lights on it and decide which channels will get used on what lights. Use the sequence editor and assign channels to those strings, names and etc....once you do all that, make sure you export the hardware configuration to a file. Then use the Visualizer...its your friend! Use the picture you took by importing it into the visualizer and assigning the hardware configuration into it. You will be drawing the strings of lights in the visualizer and controlling them. When you run the sequence editor, you can then turn on the command to control the visualizer which will allow you to see what you are sequencing without the need to have the controllers there yet.


You've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time for a show this year. It can be done, but you need to jump on it right now.

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get the 16 DIY Kits, but those that dont require soldering just screwing together (Card Assembled (Complete Package)) unless you are skilled at soldering and feel comfortable working around computer cards. This way  it saves you a few bucks and they only take 10 minutes ( or less ) to put together. Then use the money you saved to buy the advance license and SuperStar Sequencing software, you can do instant sequencing that way. it may not turn out like you hoped, but you can sequence a lot of songs in a very short time. then during ( and after ) the season you can tweak your sequences excatly the way you want them for next years show. But absolutely download the software NOW and get started.

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I really dislike the naysayers...  its too late in the season.. blah blah..  Its never too late! 


If your motivated then there is PLENTY OF TIME.  


I suggest looking here on the site, and on google for premade sequences.  You can find almost any Christmas song out that someone has a free sequence available for.  Else, you can learn to code your own songs.  There is a learning curve, but its not too hard.  I was averaging about an hour a minute per song to code myself.


Most of the premade songs will probably have way more channels than you will be setting up, SO.. just tailor the sequence to what you have.  Look for the tracks that have the 'action' and reassign those channels.  ALWAYS buy the correct version of the song that was used, or you will have huge timing issues.


As for the PC Boards.  I have bought and soldered 4 so far and had no issues at all. 


I went to Walmart and bought the 6' extension cords, cut them, and used them for the plug ins on the board.  I have had no issues at all and it gives you 3 plugs per channel and that helps A LOT.  I assume you could use the dollar store ones as well, but they appear to be of lesser quality.


I used a plastic ammo box, commonly available at Walmart for about $5 to house each controler (just cut a large hole in the top)


You MUST buy the cat5 > USB cable that LOR sells (USB 485) I had a 3rd party one, and it did not work. 


You can soldier in 2 AC plugs to power the unit, or jump the connector inside.  If you want to use 2 plugs, remember they must be pluged into DIFFERENT circuit outlets.


Goto local hardware store and but a spool of lamp wire (mentioned above) to make your own extension cords.  I bought some male plugs, and i did cut the ends of several light sets and crimped / soldered as I saw a need.


Hope that helps !


(my display is  facebook  'osprey loop drum')

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