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sequencing mega tree


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I am planning to have a mega tree with 16 dumb RGB channels looping around the tree. 8 feet on one side and looping down 8 feet on the opposite side of the tree. Do I need the super star to sequence this. This is will be 48 channels in total. Pls help.


R abraham

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Ok Thanks. I have 16 string going up the tree and coming down on the opposite site. So that's 48 rgb channels. Would I be able to get some sample sequences in this forum. Newbie here doing the mega tree for the first year.

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Well, 16 + 16 = 32. However if you are going to fold the ribbon over at the top and have it come down the other side, you only have 16 RGB channels you are programming.


Consider also guests may not be able to see the back side of the tree. Twisting the ribbon at the top wouldn't be recommended, so the back side of the ribbon is going to be facing away from guests.


You can look in the Sequences forum for those sharing sequences.

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As for your question about if you need SuperStar to sequence your dumb strings, as the creator of SuperStar I always encourage people to sequence all their lights with SuperStar.


But you can also do a good job sequencing your 48 channels using just the Sequence Editor. I would first try just using the Sequence Editor and if you are happy with the results you need not purchase a SuperStar license.


Also, the free demo version of SuperStar is functional in every way except that you cannot export your sequence so the Sequence Editor. To try SuperStar, make a visualization of your dumb strings, import the visualization into SuperStar by clicking on "File" and then "Import Visualization". Even with the free demo version of SuperStar you can then apply effects to your lights and play them back to the computer screen.

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There are some themes that are used in the "Instant Sequence" feature. To use Instant Sequence:


1) launch SuperStar

2) Click on the Tools menu and then select "instant sequence"

3) Click on the "Open Audio File" button

4) Click on "Sequence All"

5) Click on "Play All"


To try another instant sequence click on "roll dice" then do "sequence all" and "play all" again.


Realize that instant sequence will not be able to create sequences of the same quality as when done manually, but you can get some interesting effects.

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