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How to program breaks inbetween sequences


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Do I use the LOR Show Editor if I want breaks between songs? I need different times in place after each song and am struggling to figure our how to go about doing this. Do I just schedule the time or is there an easier way?

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If you have 5 songs, and want to place breaks of 1 minute between the songs, you would:

Create a show

Musical Tab -> Add the 5 songs.

Musical Tab -> Add animation sequences of 1 minute.

Musical Tab -> Re-arrange the order of the sequences to have the 1 minute break in-between the musical ones.


An animation sequence is one with no music, just programming to make the lights do whatever you want during the break.


For everyone, here are two examples of how to schedule shows. Example 1 - Example 2.

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I have grabbed alot of the movie intro themes to separate my songs...I've used 20th Century fox, Dreamworks, Tristar.... and I usually set a static display of some sort for the short song.

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I'm still lost, maybe it would make more sense if I explained what we are doing.


LOR first sequence plays, then for 3:28 our projector takes over and plays a songs while shining on our house, then LOR's second and third sequence plays, then for 4:10 the LOR needs to turn off so the projector can play, then LOR fourth sequence plays and so on. Do I create an animation sequence for each break (the animation would basically be nothing on) then have the show play a song sequence, animation sequence 1, then the second sequence then animation sequence 2 and so on? Am I making sense?



Here is our play list:

Devil Went down to Georgia (LOR 3:28)
"Thriller" (Projector song, no LOR 4:10)  ====== would this be an animation sequence?
Ghost Busters (LOR 4:09)
I like Nightmares (LOR 3:05)
"Somebody's watching me" (Projector song, no LOR 3:15) ====== would this be an animation sequence?
Spooky Scary Skeletons (LOR 2:07)
Time Warp (LOR 3:56)
"Remains of the Day" (Projector song, no LOR 2:45) ====== would this be an animation sequence?

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I got it figured out now, I don't need all the LOR off during the projector breaks so I created animation sequences. Thanks!!!

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Wouldn't it be easier to have a LOR video sequence with whatever (if any) light effects you wanted when the video is playing? That way, the LOR Show Scheduler would handle the light sequences and the videos.

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Just select a video file instead of an audio file when you create a new musical sequence. You'll need the license level Basic-Plus and above for a windowed video playback or get the Advanced license for full screen video playback. Search this forum for the topic and you'll find many tips and tricks.

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