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CCR, CCB, CCP color layering created in Superstar or just Sequencer


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I have been trying to figure out how to do color layering in the Superstar but it appears the easier way is with the regular sequencer.


What I mean by color layering is to have the RGB fixture fill from one end to the other with one color and then once it is full, fill with another color until it is full and then fill with another color and so on. This effect can fill from end to end, each end to the middle or the middle to each end.


I can do this in the regular sequencer but it is very time consuming and I was hoping to figure out a way to do it with the Superstar sequencer but have not figured out a way to do that.


Does anyone know of a way this can be done with the Superstar sequencer? 

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This looks exactly like what I am trying to do. I will mess with it and try a few things.


Thanks for the head start on doing this, I wasn't having any luck on my own.

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Hi again. Messed around with the image tool for a while tonight but this does not work for what I would like it to do. I should have mentioned that I am using 2 pixel controls configured with 2 strings on each. These will outline the eaves on the front of my house. I would like to be able to fill them from end to end with one color then fill from end to end with another color (overwriting the first) and so on and so on. Also make it fill from left to right - end to end or left to right - end to end, or from the ends to the middle or from the middle to the ends.


Using the image tool like you have shown me works great for a tree or a matrix but not for RGB devices in a straight line.


Thanks anyway.

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It works for anything. I used it on my arches and Windows last year. Just delete anything you don't need. I'm working on my last couple of props today. Send me an email to dariansdad@att.net and remind me to adjust it for a single line. I may not get to it til Monday but I'll do it then.

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I added a second sequence to show several different ways to get this done. The first is a copy from someone else. It's the image. The x and y is where the magic happens in this one. I have to play around for hours trying to get these 2 settings correct. The second is a sure fire way to make it happen but it's time consuming. The third, I just discovered. It's using the Vis Effects option with a morph. You have to play around with the tail time and the placement of the previous morph, but I created this one in about 5 minutes.


Hope this helps.



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