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Sequence recording live while track playing


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Is it possible to have the audio track playing and using the mouse to record sequence steps in individual cells as the cells fly by?


I have had a couple of LOR boards for years but never used them other than testing them. I have old software upgraded to the highest level the license allowed. V 2.9.4


I used the beat tap thing to create the cells, divided them into 4 and plan on dividing those in 2. I need very fast on/off.


If the software can't record steps while the audio is playing, is there a way to set the mouse click and drag function to just select the cells that you drag over and not select blocks?


I am trying to find a fast way to record fast moving chases other than by clicking each cell one by one.


I am not doing any kind of holiday decorating with my 24 channels but do want to create a cool little light show with it. I have about 30 years experience designing, installing and programming special effect light shows in night clubs.

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