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Need a tutorial on how to go from Sequences to yard display


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We purchased our sequences this year as we were crunched for time and this is our first year. So today we will have the controllers and I already have the sequences saved to my computer. Can someone post a good Youtube video tutorial on how I go from sequences on my computer to actually putting them all together in a show to display? There are just so many youtube tutorials and I can't seem to find one that demonstartes this.


(I understand how to plug everything in, I just can't figure out how to make a playlist that goes around in a loop I guess)

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Im kinda confused as to what your looking for exactly.... 1. how to run the shows, or 2. how to make the shows work with your lights... so...


1. There is a program with LOR called Show Builder (i think)   Basically it lets you pick days, and times to run the show.  You can also create the show with the songs in order or randomly.  The system will start itself as long as everything is plugged up and the laptop and program is running.


2.  Even with the purchased sequences, you need to make sure that the device ID's and channels are correct.  Go into the LOR sequence, and you can either click each channel and see what device and channed its assigned, or goto view and list all the channels and their assignments.  Make sure its correct for your controllers and display.


Lastly,  I assume you have a licensed (paid for) version of the LOR software, if not your limited to 1 controller.

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