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Need a little help with CCP and channels in Visualizer and Editor


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Hello everyone. I've used my Light O Rama software and controllers for about a year now but wanted to add a few sets of CCP's for Halloween and Christmas shows.


I'm a little confused about setting the channels on my CCP's to work properly in visualizer and sequence editor. If I'm reading correctly I would want to configure the unit ID to Normal (Single ID). In the users manual (March 28, 2012 v1.2) that shipped with the units, and the online users guide, it shows a setting that can be changed for "Num of Strings/Ribbons. However in the v3.11.2 Advanced software i'm running it has a ribbon/string Parameter drop down menu only to select "Num of end-to-end connected CCB's/CCR's" If I'm using two 50 pixel strings per unit, should this be set to 2, even though they are not end to end as it shows?


When I set my pixel controller channel to a number (lets say 9) in visualizer when i make my CCP strings 1 and 2 with 50 pixels each and the channels on String 1 and String 2 are both set to 9, I receive an error:


Fixture Roof CCP S2 is not contiguous. Next pixel is 1 but should be 51

Main CCR Fixture Roof CCP S1 does not have exactly 50 pixels.  Check all child CCRs.
What I cant change is the number of pixels, or the Physical Starting Pixel Number above 50, so what am i doing wrong?
Thanks for your time.



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Thanks Ron,


I've previously watched your videos (can't get sound though) and it seems like maybe i need to configure the controllers in legacy mode with multiple channels per unit. Is this correct if there are 2 strands of lights per unit? I would like a single controlller with 2 strands to operate as one individual strand as they are being used on a roofline.


Sorry its still only clear as mud.

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No. Set up the CCPs as "CCB with 2 strings" in the "Type" section. In the "Unit ID for CCB String 2" section, Select "String 2 has it's own Unit ID (native mode Unit ID + 1)"


Your first string will have Unit ID 9 (using your example) and string 2 will have Unit ID 10. The next CCP set will be Unit ID 11 and 12.


In the visualizer, using this example, Set up 2 CCRs with Pixel # 1 on both strings next to each other. It should look like this.


Pixel 50-->Pixel 1--Controller--Pixel 1-->pixel 50.


If this clears it up, great. If not, we'll try and get it worked out. Let me know something. If worse comes to worse, we'll chat on the phone and look at it at the same time.




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I think i got it now. In my hardware configuration there is a Dual Normal unit id mode. I attached a screen shot of what I see.post-14522-0-75329200-1410958217_thumb.j


If i set it to dual normal and set the first channel number it appears to automatically assign the second channel.


Then when i go to visualizer and build the CCR (or CCP) with 100 pixels it automatically breaks it into 2 50 pixels strings, then i can address the channels like you showed in your video.


I ran a quick test with superstar and sequence editor and with my controller and 2 strands it seems to run now.





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