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Is there any way to copy a timing grid in a current sequence, and past it into a new sequence?


I created a musical sequence using a song.  After it was completed, I realized I wanted about 3 sec silence at the beginning of the song to prep for setup.  I haven't found any way to add 3 seconds to the beginning of the original sequence, so I created a new version of the song with 3 sec silence, then created a new musical sequence using that.  Now I want to copy the channel configs, the original timings and the channel programs to the new sequence and paste it in at the 3 second mark.


I have gotten the channel configs saved and transferred, and can copy the programming of each cannel, but the timing grids are different. The original had a .1 sec fixed grid that (due to my inexperience at the time) I sub-divided various sections to get the timings I needed. 


Am I screwed and have to completely re-program all the channels?


Or, Is there a way to add 3 seconds at the beginning of my original sequence?



Arlen Ahl


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You can copy/paste timing. Select one entire row from the original sequence, right click "Copy timings."

Then go to the new sequence and "Paste Timings." Right click and "Paste Timing At" then select 3 seconds. That will start the timing grid at the 3 second mark.

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