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Temp File Saved Me!


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Some of you may know this, but I ran into a situation with LOR locking up on me, and I wanted to share the work around.


I am running the latest software on Parallels for Mac.  Never had any issues over the past two years with this setup.


Last night I was pasting one last item in a section, and it started to freeze on me (well, it went into a "not responding" state).  After it seemed to come back to life, I went to save the file (had about an hours worth of work to save).  The file had gotten pretty large, and it was taking several minutes to save.  Well, it would go through this save process, and at the end would give me a message: "Error Saving File: Do you want to save to another file name?  Detail: Invalid procedure call or argument."  I tried all sorts of things...no dice.  So I thought, well, an hour wasted...but it deleted the file altogether...that was hours upon hours of work gone!!! (and my dumb self didn't have a backup file).  Yes, the .bak file was deleted too.  Then the program became very unstable...I even tried to "export" it as compressed, but I would get an error there too, saying it couldn't rename a temp file.  I finally gave up the ghost and was relegated to defeat.


In the midst of preparing for hari kari, I remembered the error when I tried to export it, and that it indicated a temp file -- so I hunted it down (C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Local\Temp\LORSeqTemp.14) -- so, I tried the simple move...I changed the ".14" to ".lms"  BINGO! it worked!!!  


So, if LOR crashes on you, try finding the temp file.



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