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Anyone got Limelight by Rush?


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Today I had my first request by someone outside of my family/ friends. I was taking inventory and someone came up and asked "are you doing the lights again this year" with a almost angry face. I kinda looked at my lights, looked back at him, and said "well, um, yeah" thinking this was one of my neighbors I dont know who was going to complain (thinking to myself "oh buddy if you thought last year was excessive, wait until you see this year"). The dudes face just lights up with the biggest smile I had seen all month and he says "oh boy! thats great! Hey, I dont know if you take requests, but my family and I come by once a week, and the kids love it, but I need something with a bit more rock, so I was wondering if you could do "Limelight" by Rush?"


I just kinda sat there thinking "Oh crap, I have got so much to do already, say no" but my mouth opened up with "no promises, but I will see what I can do". So now I sit here asking if anyone has this, I would love a copy!






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