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S3 Version - firmware - G2 and G3 controllers

Cajun Cheesehead

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I have a collection of CTB16PC controllers, some G2 and some G3, and am currently using version 3.9.0 of the software.


Are there any known conflicts between later versions of firmware and earlier versions of the software?


Basically what I want to know is what firmware version can I load in the G2 and G3 controllers that will still work with version 3.9.0 of the software?

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Any LOR hardware and any LOR Firmware running on them, will work with the S3 software.


The only known issues would be cosmetic in nature. For example, in the very early days of S3 some hardware would show up as 'unknown device.' While discerning to some, it wouldn't affect the operation of the controller. If you have a version of S3 that was released before the CMB24D's came out, you might run into a few more of these cosmetic issues, but nothing that would affect the operation of a controller in a show.


Thinking outloud ... you might run into a firmware update issue on early S3 versions and later firmware versions - but I don't know that to be true. Just  thinking outloud.

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