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Vampire Plugs

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Where can I find the best deal on male vampire plugs? 


Home Depot has male and female plugs posted on their website.  Works out to about 45 cents per plug.  But their male version is out of stock.  I've seen them as high as $1.69 per on other sites and as low as $0.65. 


I've got 1500 feet of spt1 cord and no plugs to put them together.


Would appreciate any help you can provide.


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Radiant Holidays has an excellent price!  Look no further.



I hereby retract the previous post.  I got 100 for 45 bucks from Home Depot.  Radiant prices are for only 50.  Sorry for anyone who was misled by my error.

Edited by George Simmons
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Valerie over at Christmas-leds.com has SPT-1 plugs 27.50 for a 50 pack.  Makes them .55 cents each not counting shipping.  Cheapest I have found

And Valerie is good people's too. ;)

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