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just recently i  updated  my copy of  LOR 3.9 to v.3.11

and after it installed LOR  went to the beginning as if i had  never started it before when i  clicked on it

is this normal ???

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You are probably talking about the fact that sometimes the LORPost program runs and sometimes it doesn't.  


LORPost, which is something you shouldn't run yourself unless asked by support, is responsible for completing the set up of your computer for the software.  It's main purpose in life is to set up your Light-O-Rama data directories, but it does other functions as well.  If one of the programs in the suite detects that a version has changed, it is run.


If we make a change that requires something be updated we may do it in LORPost.  For example, way back when I put some code in there to delete a registry key that was no longer being used.  Or perhaps we distributed some new files, like a new Superstar clipboard or some-such, and want to ensure that this new file is available.

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