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RGB Flood kit - what's a Dangle?


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Picked up the 8 RGB flood kit on sale and a pair of extensions.  I'm reading the description and it says 18" dangle and 16' power cord.


So is the extension for the power cord or for the 18" dangle?  And how does this connect up, am I needing a long cord from the controller board that is 3 or 4 wires and then another cord to the power supply?


I expected these to be like dumb rgb where power and control are over the same 4 wires..



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Depending on how far away your CMB Controller is you may need to extend the cable beyond the 16' that comes from LOR.


In the past have purchased this to continue the run:




I use Red as Red, Green as Green, White as Blue and Black as power- but obviously as long as you connect the same from the flood to the controller you can do whatever combination you like.


Hope that helps.

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years ago we used to call them a pig tail. This is where the cable is brought outside of an encloser. A dongle is like when you have one of those PCIMA cards in a laptop and then a removable cable would connect to the PICMA card and in some cases it would come to a DB9 connector or a RJ-45 female connector. A dangle, well that is a smaller dongle.

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