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Rainy Poly Banding Clips in Pre-Production

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For those of you who have followed my journey to bring a pixel clip to market that fits bullet shaped 12 mm pixels, take heart, they are in pre-production. The mold has been made, and I am waiting for the first batch of test clips to arrive for functionality testing.  Once that's complete they should go up for sale shortly after that, barring any unseen issues.  So hopefully they will be available for all of you this year. 




The above link is a picture of one of the prototype clips.  It has features to fit the following materials:  550 para-cord, 1/4 x1/2 bar stock, 1/4" round bar stock, and .025" x 5/8" poly banding strap.


The feature to fit the pixels should fit pixel diameters from .435" to .500"  (About the range of diameters of bullet shaped pixels on the market right now.)


Current color of the clip is going to be a black to dark grey.  Other colors may be available in the future.


Please PM me if you have any further questions.







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Those look tasty.  UV protected so they will survive a few seasons?  My gutter clips are dead in a year if I don't get every last one of them down!


I'l also looking for something to hold pixabulbs up along a brick retaining wall..

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Some of you many have received an email from a vendor showing something that looked like the Rainy Banding Clips.  Don't worry the idea wasn't stolen, those ARE the Rainy Banding Clips.  They have been re-branded as PixClips and are now for sale.  To bring this product to market I partnered with one of our Christmas light vendors, as I could not do it on my own.  As they are now for sale with a competing company, out of respect for the folks at Light-o-Rama I will no longer be posting about them here.  If you have questions about their form, function, use or where to get them.  Please contact me via my Facebook page which is the same as my screen name: Rainyoregonchristmas. 




aka Matt Ross

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