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Waterproofing actual light fixture....not the cord....


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Hey Guys,


Been lurking for years and slowly buying controllers and s3 full license. Bought a couple of Crackers sequences to grasp the whole process. On a side note, I work as  a software developer and html designer and had been a dj back in the day. I thought sequencing would be be a piece of cake....HOLY CRAP!  The talent in some of the display sequencing you guys are doing is incredibly under appreciated! Anyway...I have several (over 30) led dj lights such as 3 w led pinspots .I would LOVE to use these on the outside of the house under the roof awning to accent the dumb RGB around the house since they are just sitting and cost around 70 bucks a piece when purchased. What can I do to make these dang things waterproof? I thought about building an encloser for each one and putting plexi glass on the front with a fan vent of some sort.  Thought about wrapping them in packing saran wrap material. The best option would be if I could silicone the whole fixture.... and call it good.  I searched the forums and could not find an answer.  Anyone???





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Could be you may not have to do anything to them.  


If they are under an awning or soffit where the rain and weather can't get at them, I'd think they should be fine.    


But a little silicone around some of the areas that could be a possible problem, like where the cord exits the lamp housing or possibly around the outer lens area, couldn't hurt.


Kind of like many of the decorations that state, use under a porch or semi-enclosed area, weather can still get at them somewhat, but being a bit protected by the location they're put in.


Just as long as they aren't directly in the elements, I think you could get away with using them as is where you're wanting without doing anything, but it may just make you feel more comfortable to silicone them where you feel they'd need it to make them more weatherproof.

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Your goal is to make sure there is a way for water to get out, because it's nearly impossible to prevent it from getting in. If there is a place that water could collect, drill a drain hole.

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