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Newbie from Ireland


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Hi FOLKS ,as this type of lighting control is new to me, I need all the help I can get . What I want to do is be able to sequence lights to music in my back yard /deck for parties ,also to be able to extend the system for Christmas lights next year ,now look what you have started :D .

Anyway what unit do you suggest I start with and does the LOR units work on 220v supply .Over here in Ireland I have never seen this type of lighting control and in fact it's only in the last few years that you would see people really lighting up their houses like you would see in America ,BBBBBBBBBUT THAT IS GOING TO CHANGE I HOPE .IF i CAN GET THIS SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING FOR NEXT YEAR .tHIS COUNTRY WONT KNOW WHAT HIT IT :D:D:D .

So happy Christmas to all on the forum and may all your lightS glow brightly from this newbie living in Ireland .If any body wants to exchange ideas outside of the forum ,please send me an email .

Best regards


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Mick you are definitely in the right place.

LOR certainly works with 220v. As far as what to start with I think the real questions should be, "what is your budget?", "how big is the area?" and "how much time and detail do you plan to invest in sequencing songs?".

If you have a small space then an 8 channel controller might be plenty, if, however, you want 60 lighted leprechauns chasing each other you'll need 64 channels...

Poor Ireland. :D

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I dont know about the the chasing Leprechauns ,the space I have is about one acre ,but I really want to do it in stages . So maybe to start with a 16 channel unit and build from there . It's because of the budget I will have to do it in stages andthe size of the place .I bought some rope lights yesterday my first purchase ,150ft for € 55 or $80,how does that price sound to you . That was a wholesale price . Any way thanks for your reply enjoy Thanks giving and have another pint of Guinness on me ,I take it it's GUINNESS YOU ARE HOLDING:D


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