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Clearance Sale


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Scaling back this year and have the following items for sale:


All of these controllers are Ver. 1

8 CTB16PC Controllers all have been converted to single power cord use.                                               120 ea

These controllers have no output cords.  A cord set from LOR costs $30.00


2 CTB16PC Controllers all have been converted to single power cord use.                                               150 ea

These controllers have standard LOR output cords.          



 1 ShowTime mini director                                                                                                                             75                  


Light-O-Rama Director Card with MP3 Player (original model)                                                                           120


2 CCR’s                                                                                                                                                        150 ea


For local pickup:


12 channel 6 ft. Marty Fan 4 100 count strings each Red, Green, Clear M6 Led’s                                     50


36 strands M5 Led’s Red, Green, Yellow 100 count strings                                                                      150 lot


4 RGB Led’s Tomato tower mini trees Red Green Clear 100 count strings                                                50


Material is located in Martinsburg WV if you are interested in picking it up yourself.                          

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