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I purchased 2 strands of the Pixel Strobes listed below just to try them as I was already ordering some pixels from Ray, so the shipping was pretty much free.



I know they don't have the pop that the Xenon bulbs have but I was curious to see how they worked. The question is are they smart or Dumb pixels? I just want to make sure I hook them up to the right controller.


Also how can you tell is the RGB lights are smart or dumb if the description doesn't specify?



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The required controller is spi. This makes this smart pixel.

The description is listed below. It also states that they are 2811 chips. Another way to to determine smart or dumb is the chip type.

Since this is 2811 it will have to be setup in your controller as such to control these strobes. (Pixel controllers generally control several chip types and without identifying it proper it can either not just work or do damage.)

It is interesting that they are white strobes but take up 3 channels. I would assume that dimming and/or non-white colors would cause the lights issues. But it would seem that you can control each strobe. I would love to hear how these work for you.

For me, chip type is the easiest way to determine smart or dumb. Of course, the description is actually probably the easiest. Once you start playing with pixels the chip types start becoming familiar.


12mm 0.75W WS2811 WHITE strobe pixel string,DC5V input,50pcs a string,IP68 rated


1. Adpots high quality 8mm 0.75w straw hat LED as lighting source.

2. With good proection level. can achieve IP68.

3. each module as one pixel, takes 3 dmx channels,white strobe color,can be controlled individually,

4. It is easy installation, open hole.

5;good waterproof type,IP68 rated,epoxy resin filled

6;using the 20AWG cabe,with good cold resistance ability

7:works with dmx matrix controller,or SPI pixel controll,on-line controller.etc

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