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System Error when running Sequence Editor


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LOR II appears to install correctly for me. At least I get no errors during install. However, when I try to run the Sequence Editor I get an immediate error and it will not load. The errors says:

System Error &H80040111 (-2147221231). ClassFactory cannot supply requested class

When I click on "OK" the program closes.

Any ideas or what other information can I provide?

Windows XP
Pentium M processor 1.80 GHz
1.5 GB Ram
DirectX 9.0c
IBM Thinkpad T42p

Thanks for all the help.

Rick Waller

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I had this problem too ... Then I notice that there were two start menu items that said "Lightorama Sequence Editor" One above the line (permanent), and one below (most recent).

The top one worked, the bottom one did not -- the bottom gave the error previously noted.

I removed the bottom one.

All is okay, now.


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I had tried reinstalling the software several times. I did not uninstall the software at anytime. I would just run the installer again and choose "repair" as the option.

Tom, thanks for the input. You must have hit the nail on the head. Mine is set up a little different than yours. I now have two groups in the start menu for Lightorama. My original ver 1 had a smart menu title of "LightORama." When I installed v2, it created a whole new start menu titled "Light-O-Rama". Now, interestingly, when I choose the Sequence editor out of the new Start menu structure, I get an error. When I selected the Sequence Editor from the old Start menu structure, it loaded v2 correctly.

Even now that I have successfully run ver2 from the old menu structure, I still get the same error when I try to load the Sequence editor from the new menu structure.

Even when I just go to the Light-O-Rama folder on the hard drive, when I try to run "LORSequenceEditorDemo.exe", I get the error. When I run "LORSequenceEditor.exe", it loads ver2 just great.

Dan, just trying to give you some feedback and hopefully make things better.



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Opie, right click on the shortcut to the sequence editor in the Light-O-Rama startmenu folder, check to see if it is pointing to the sequence editor demo. If that is the case and the editor does function properly, just copy the shortcut from the first folder LightORama to the last one Light-O-Rama, replacing the bad Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor shortcut . If you have the full version there is no need for the shortcut to the demo.

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That "Sequence Editor Demo" is actually leftover from your LOR I installation. It's not part of LOR II, and it will not work with LOR II installed.

I'm a little surprised it wasn't deleted by the LOR II installer.

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