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It's been a month since the last update, and we are rapidly closing in on the Holidays. Many of us who have been waiting on the new version of software are facing commitment on which software to use.

Dan: in your honest opinion, will the update be ready in time for this holiday season? Or will we be better off using current software or any of the alternatives this year, and wait until next year for the upgrade.

Not demanding that you work faster, just looking for an honest opinion on your progress.

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No, I'm not Dan.


However, based on the release of the initial S2 and S3 versions, I wouldn't count on anything until late October at the earliest.


I do hope I'm wrong.

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I have given up on waiting.


My master sequencer (my lovely wife) has sequenced all our songs in LOR for all the AC channels. We are using 7 songs this year and she has been doing the sequencing on and off over the 4 months. I spent a single day getting up to speed on nutcracker and have imported all the sequences from LOR to xlights. I then spent 1 more day setting up the networks and the visualizer in nutcracker so that we can see  the entire display including the pixel elements. It took very little time to understand nutcracker and its implementation. YMMV depending on the number of channels you are using. We have 60 ac channels and about 2500 rgb channels. As I said it took me about a day to get everything setup including the nutcracker visualizer (8 hours).


I would not wait. If you know nutcracker start using it. if not download it and learn it. It is very easy to use.



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Dan, LOR software has always been a stickler for your business and it appears to continue with the same today.  I would like to make a few suggestions that I would seriously like you to consider:

  • Hire additional resources to help with the programming.  Yes, it will cost more, but if the end-product was worthwhile, I wouldn't mind paying more for the software.
  • Let the software become open source as Nutcracker is.  You can then truly focus on what your business does the best: hardware, customer service and consulting for larger projects.  Allowing your software to go open source will pull in free development resources to improve the software faster than your limited resources you currently have (no insults to current staff).
  • Embrace RGB outside of CCR/CCB.  If you positioned your business properly, you can resale, support and become the defacto leader in RGB products (that are not necessarily produced by LOR).  Many are moving (or moved) in this direction.  As with any technology company, you need to adapt to changes.  Embrace them and profit off them.

Really short and to the point.  Obviously this is your business and you can take it whatever direction you wish.  That being said, I've been with LOR since creation (coming from Dasher) and consider myself a dedicated loyal customer, so I wish to see nothing but the best from your company and am behind you 100%.



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