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How to sequence a matrix? Please Help!


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Hello! I want to sequence the Holiday Coro RGB matrix sign in S3 if possible. It is 18 wide and 9 pixels high, 162 pixels. I just want to do scrolling test this year as I have run out of time. I should be deep into sequencing right now but at the beginning stages. The pixels will run up and down on the sign, or is that not the best way? At this point any help would be greatly appreciated. I am also using Holiday Coro Tinypix and Actidongle in DMX. Maybe trying Xlights the best way??? I thought sticking with S3 would be easiest considering I am just doing text. I am not seeing how to sequence text with an up and down pattern in S3. Thanks! Will someone tell me how they did theirs and send me a sequence so I can see how its done?

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