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Using DMX Gobos with LOR S3


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I am new to LOR and am using it to control a light show in an upcoming boat parade.


I  bought the  S3 Advanced software and a 16 channel controller.  i also bought the Actidongle from HolidayCoro.  I will have a variety of light rope, etc. and I have two Chauvet 4 Play Gobos (4 spots each) and 4 par 64s for my DMX.  I will run the rope lights, etc off the LOR controller and will plug the Actidongle directly into the PC via USB and then daisy chain the DMX fixtures with DMX cable.


Before I bought all of this I watched a tutorial video (not an official LOR version) on how to set up the DMX fixtures in LOR.  It was a good video and the DMX fixture was a moving head RGB spotlight.  


For the life of me, I cannot find that video again and I did not save the URL.


I am hoping that someone knows the video and can give me the URL.


Alternatively, if someone can point to some good video tutorials on setting up DMX fixtures (NOT LED STRIPS) in LOR, that would be great.



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Go back to Holiday Coros website he has a video on how to setup the actidongle in lor for DMX

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