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LOR II Subscript out of range


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While sequencing my wife had made some changes. She discovered the revert to saved under the file menu. She then confirmed that she was what she wanted to do. The sequence update back to what was saved last. She then went and clicked play. The play button unlighted, the stop button highlighted but the sequence did not play.

The first time these steps were done, created the subscript out of range message. After a 3 finger salute to kill LOR, she walked me through the steps again and the response was different and the sequence just froze and became unresponsive.


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Could you please PM me a copy of the sequence?

And if you can get a set of steps to do before "revert" that causes this, that would be very helpful, too.


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I have caused this error to occur as well. I'm sure I'll do it again (cause I've done it 3 times), but for the life of me, I'm not sure what I did to cause it (at least at the moment) -- I don't think it was a Revert request though.

The only way out was to Ctrl-Alt-Del and kill the application ... and it didn't like that too much either. The software kept saying that there was something "playing", but there wasn't.


PS: I'll post when I have a clearer list of actions that caused it. (Sorry)

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