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What am I looking at?

Preston Meyer

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I am confused at what I am seeing on the startup screen for SuperStar and can't find a description of what's on the screen and what it represents.


Is there a written document that I can look at (and print out) that describes the boxes, lines and numbers? Or a video that explains the startup screen?


The tools have label bubbles, and are briefly described, and some of the videos sort of run by some of the things, but somehow I am missing something important for setup of SuperStar.






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As Ron Boyd mentioned, the video tutorials give a good introduction. There is also information in the Help files.


Launch SuperStar

Click on the Help menu and select "Contents"

In the help dialog box that appears click on the "plus" sign next to "SuperStar Sequencer" to expand it

You will probably want to look at the help section for "custom" sequences

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As stated, the videos are your best bet.


It helps a lot to create a sequence and play with it, just for learning.


To learn SuperStar myself, I created some props in the Visualizer program, imported them into Super Star, then import a song/audio,  and start playing around. You'll pick it up pretty quick and you can see the results immediately on the screen(your visualization you created)



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