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Does everyone cover their empty C7/C9 sockets?


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Hello everyone, I'm just curious on what your feelings are towards covering up individual empty C7 and C9 sockets when you already have them hung. Has anyone run into problems by ignoring this issue? What do you use, electrical tape?  For us in the north once it gets cold there's less chance of getting water in there as everything is frozen and stays that way but for you lucky ones in the south who's displays see only rain do you tend to run into problems? Just wondering what the general consensus is, thank you for reading this and have a great day!



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Those that are within kid's reach I cover - those above kid's reach which are clear of anything that might complete a circuit I leave open.

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I tape mine... put a piece of duct tape over the opening and bring it down the sides. then use electrical tape around the sides of the socket to hold the duct tape down. I go around the whole thing with electrical twice to give it a good seal.


Worked pretty well.

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